CPGs development

The Clinical Practice Guidelines (GPCs) are intended to reduce variability of care by improving the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients.

The variability in clinical practice between hospitals, health units and the performance of health professionals has led to increasing development of GPCs and protocols for use in a multitude of medical conditions. Computerization of guidelines and protocols is a complex process with multiple components to consider, such as:

  1. Viewing of multimedia medical information (radiological images, signs, laboratory data or clinical information)
  2. Internal representation of the flow model
  3. External access to medical information
  4. Developing of a logical model for information management
  5. Friendly graphical interface

GIB has been working on this issue with two major achievements:

  • A model representation of GPCs and protocols based on SGML which represent the components of these
  • Java tools for the visualization of GPCs, being one of these tools being transferred to the company "Bilbomática"

CPG Development



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