Integration of Medical and Genetic databases

The GIB has developed a tool capable of automatically processing complex queries involving multiple databases and web medical genetics.

For a biomedical researcher, this is manually long and tedious search. The search would involve first code OMIM recover from the disease, then enter this code in the database "Entrez Gene" to retrieve all the genes involved, then get the standard symbol for each of these genes in the "Human Gene Nomenclature" then obtain the associated proteins these genes from "Swissprot", to finally obtain the 3D structure of these proteins through the various databases that provide this information.

Through the tool, is automatically implemented a specialized queries processor  specializes in obtaining search results for specific flows. This search process is encapsulated in a "web Service" that is available online.

An example of this type of questions might be: "Given the disease cystic fibrosis, determine the three-dimensional structure of all proteins involved in the development of it":

Integration of databases



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