Data mining

In collaboration with researchers of the Hospital "12 de Octubre", the GIB worked between 1995 and 1997 in a project for the extraction of rules for prediction of clinical histories of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. To implement this system were tested techniques of artificial neural networks, induction, and "clustering".

The system, aimed to link clinical data with "outcomes" related to quality of life. To this end, were examined more than 1000 records, of which only about 250 were selected due to poor data quality of the remaining, deriving this quality problem in the consistency of data in the subsequent creation of the project "OntoDataClean".

The GIB developed a distributed KDD methodology, through the use of domain ontologies in the upstream data mining. To experimentally validate the created model, batteries consultations were carried out in various heterogeneous data sources. The subsequent application of mining algorithms on the results, also gave better final results of the separate data sources and than the traditional integration methods.

Data mining



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