Web Services and Internet technologies

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Since its inception, the GIB has developed innovative methodologies and applications, always using the most current technologies available in each moment:

  • Java technologies (J2EE, JDBC, JSPs, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate)
  • Database management systems (MySQL, Oracle, Access)
  • Application Servers (Tomcat, JBOSS)
  • Distributed systems and Web services (XML, WSDL, SOAP, AJAX)
  • GRID technologies (OGSA, Globus)
  • Data Mining, Text Mining, WEKA

This incessant learning process in the management and updating of different technologies, has enabled legacy applications evolve into more modern environments, providing to the GIB a wide experience in system migration from one technology to another new and more convenient. Within the Web services, it highlights the integration of databases in the European Network of Excellence INFOBIOMED and the image analysis in the National Network INBIOMED, funded by the Ministry of Health.

Such techniques have been used in numerous projects and applications. Examples of Web Services has developed an application to access the libraries of treatment and image analysis from the laboratory via the Internet and a Web browser.

Below is the interface for Web services processing and image analysis:

Web Services_InBioMed



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