1. Clinical and Research Databases

    The "Clinical and Research Databases" Community of Practice (CoP) has started through the AFRICA BUILD PORTAL!

    This is a Community of Practice which aims to compose a hub of knowledge and expertise built by collaboration means.

    Post date: 3 years 8 months ago
  2. Med-e-Tel is an event of the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), THE international federation of national associations who represent their country's Telemedicine and eHealth stakeholders.

    Post date: 3 years 8 months ago
  3. The AFRICA BUILD Portal Development team is designing a mobile app for the AFRICA BUILD Portal.

    We'd like to know which kind of devices do you have.

    Please participate !

    Post date: 3 years 8 months ago
  4. AFRICA BUILD Portal_500 users map

    The AFRICA BUILD Portal (ABP) reached yesterday the number of 500 users registered! Professionals in the Health Research Domain in Africa trust in us to network, train and share resources through the ABP.

    Post date: 3 years 9 months ago
  5. Data Mining in Biomedicine_Community of Practice in AFRICA BUILD

    The "Data Mining in Biomedicine" Community of Practice (CoP) starts on 12 days through the AFRICA BUILD PORTAL!

    Post date: 3 years 9 months ago
  6. 1st International Conference of AFRICA BUILD @ Yaoundé Cameroon

    AFRICA BUILD 1st International Conference, Yaoundé Cameroon

    Post date: 3 years 10 months ago
  7. AFRICA BUILD Portal_Connecting Health Researchers in Africa

    The AFRICA BUILD Portal (ABP) is an Open and Free Social and Professional Network for supporting collaborative links and access to a broad variety of informatics tools for Health Training and Research in Africa.

    Post date: 3 years 10 months ago
  8. AFRICA BUILD Portal_Communities of Practice (CoP)

    AFRICA BUILD Portal is happy to start the new year announcing that two of their users —the UPM and the ITI— are launching two new Communities of Practice!

    Post date: 3 years 10 months ago
  9. BioInformatics Resource Inventory (BIRI)

    Innovative tool for accessing bioinformatics resources.
    Developed by researchers at the UPM's Biomedical Informatics Group (GIB), this tool can discover and automatically classify bioinformatics resources from scientific literature. Check it out !

    Post date: 3 years 11 months ago

    Prof. Víctor Maojo, the AFRICA BUILD Coordinator, was invited to present the efforts of AFRICA BUILD at the 4th Edition of JCIM (the Cameroon Days of Medical Informatics). This symposium was carried out at the University of Yaounde I, concretely at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences during November 26th.

    Post date: 3 years 11 months ago