ONTOMINEBASE proposes two goals:

  1. Standardize database information in order to improve the processes of data mining
  2. Research and developtment of new methods of information retrieval

Both suggest the use of ontologies in the biomedical domain for the search process improvement, integration, retrieval and analysis of biomedical information. Specifically, the processes of data mining are proposed to design a meta-ontology for modeling the data to be analyzed. Once this meta-ontology has been completed, an automatic process will do its process and homogenization.

In the case of information retrieval is proposed a new model, based on ontological indexes, that can improve the performance of classical methods. These techniques will be tested with databases on rare diseases of genetic origin, highly heterogeneous and include clinical and molecular information of great scientific interest, for the discovery of hidden knowledge. For example, for the reclassification of some of the more than 6,000 diseases that are included under the heading of «rare».