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Rosado, E; Garcia-Remesal, M; Paraiso-Medina, S; Pazos, A; Maojo, V

Using Machine Learning to Collect and Facilitate Remote Access to Biomedical Databases: Development of the Biomedical Database Inventory Artículo de revista

En: JMIR Medical Informatics, vol. 9, no. 2, 2021, ISSN: 2291-9694.

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Garcia-Giordano, L; Paraiso-Medina, S; Alonso-Calvo, R; Fern?ndez-Mart?nez, F J; Maojo, V

genoĐraw: A Web Ŧool for Đeveloping Pedigree Điagrams Using the Standardized Ħuman Pedigree Nomenclature Integrated with Biomedical Vocabularies Artículo de revista

En: vol. 2019, pp. 457–466, 2019.

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Paraiso-Medina, S; Perez-Rey, D; Alonso-Calvo, R; Munteanu, CR; Pazos, Al; Kulikowski, CA; Maojo, V

Translational Bioinformatics: Informatics, Medicine, and -Omics Capítulo de libro

En: Narayan, Roger (Ed.): Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering, pp. 507 - 514, Elsevier, 2019, ISBN: 978-0-12-805144-3.

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González-Durruthy, M; Monserrat, J S; Rasulev, B; Casañola-Martin, G M; Barreiro, J M; Paraiso-Medina, S; Maojo, V; Gonzalez-Diaz, H; Pazos, A; Munteanu, C R

Carbon Nanotubes’ Effect on Mitochondrial Oxygen Flux Dynamics: Polarography Experimental Study and Machine Learning Models using Star Graph Trace Invariants of Raman Spectra Artículo de revista

En: Nanomaterials (Basel), vol. 7, no. 11, pp. 386, 2017.

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Priyatna, F; Alonso-Calvo, R; Paraiso-Medina, S; Corcho, O

Querying clinical data in HL7 RIM based relational model with morph-RDB Artículo de revista

En: J Biomed Semantics, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 49, 2017.

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Perez-Rey, D; Alonso-Calvo, R; Paraiso-Medina, S; Munteanu, C R; Garcia-Remesal, M

SNOMED2HL7: A tool to normalize and bind SNOMED CT concepts to the HL7 Reference Information Model Artículo de revista

En: Comput Methods Programs Biomed, vol. 149, pp. 1–9, 2017.

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Alonso-Calvo, R; Paraiso-Medina, S; Perez-Rey, D; Alonso-Oset, E; van Stiphout, R; Yu, S; Maojo, V

A semantic interoperability approach to support integration of gene expression and clinical data in breast cancer Artículo de revista

En: Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 87, pp. 179–186, 2017.

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Bucur, A; van Leeuwen, J; Chen, N Z; Claerhout, B; de Schepper, K; Perez-Rey, D; Paraiso-Medina, S; Alonso-Calvo, R; Mehta, K; Krykwinski, C

Cohort Selection and Management Application Leveraging Standards-based Semantic Interoperability and a Groovy DSL Artículo de revista

En: AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Science Proceedings, vol. 2016, pp. 25–32, 2016.

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Paraiso-Medina, S; Perez-Rey, D; Bucur, A; Claerhout, B; Alonso-Calvo, R

Semantic Normalization and Query Abstraction Based on SNOMED-CT and HL7: Supporting Multicentric Clinical Trials Artículo de revista

En: IEEE J Biomed Health Inform, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 1061-1067, 2015.

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Alonso-Calvo, R; Perez-Rey, D; Paraiso-Medina, S; Claerhout, B; Hennebert, P; Bucur, A

Enabling semantic interoperability in multi-centric clinical trials on breast cancer Artículo de revista

En: Computed Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol. 118, no. 3, pp. 322-329, 2015.

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Moratilla, J M; Alonso-Calvo, R; Molina-Vaquero, G; Paraiso-Medina, S; Perez-Rey, D; Maojo, V

A data model based on semantically enhanced HL7 RIM for sharing patient data of breast cancer clinical trials Conferencia

14th World Congress on Medical and Health (medinfo2013), 2013.

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Paraiso-Medina, S; Perez-Rey, D; Alonso-Calvo, R; Claerhout, B; de Schepper, K; Hennebert, P; van Leeuwen, J; Bucur, A

Semantic Interoperability Solution for Multicentric Breast Cancer Trials at the INTEGRATE EU Project. Conferencia

Healthinf 2013, VI International Conference on Health Informatics, 2013.

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