Booking online with GIS

The objective of the european project MIRAMAPA, involving among others the enterprise "AVANZIT Tecnología" (previously SGT, "Servicios Generales de Teledifusión") and the Biomedical Informatics Group from the UPM, was to create a website that lets you view maps "raster" of the whole Spanish geography through the Internet. On these maps, it was possible to visualize different points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, banks, tourist sights, etc..

GIB tasks within the project MIRAMAPA were:

  1. Development of a database of points of interest geolocalizables labeled with geographical data (UTM coordinates, etc.).
  2. Design and construction of an implementation of reservations for hotels in the chain "NH." To access the reservation application, the user clicked directly on the map, for which the hotel was interested in making a reservation and, automatically, was redirected to the implementation of reservations.


The web application for displaying maps and points of interest could be conducted in the following ways:

  1. Using a computer and a standard web browser (HTML format)
  2. Using a mobile device such as PDA or mobile phone (WML format)

During the project development, emerging technologies were used at that time,such as Servlets technologies, Java JSPs or WML markup language for mobile devices operating systems and PDAs running Windows CE and Palm OS.