Server vocabulary and ontologies

"SerVoMed" consists of a medical vocabulary server that allows semantic relations among medical terms and connections between various biomedical vocabularies: "Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), Gene Ontology (GO) and" Human Genome Nomenclature Consortium (HGNC). This server is useful for medical applications developers need to work with a controlled medical vocabulary, because It define a possible interface between the application and the vocabulary server.

An example of applications that can make use of "SerVoMed" are those who need access to databases of medical research and the national health system. When trying to collect information relating to one or more words, these applications should have access to a database asking for these terms. The problem is that databases not always store concepts under the same way. In this lies the value of "SerVoMed": The application sends these terms to the server of medical vocabulary, that will be able to recognize words and even groups of words representing the same concept, as well as their encodings in the key standards, which could be used to retrieve information relative to the consultation  conducted by the application.

Below is the browser interface of the server source of vocabulary and the screen showing the results of the vocabulary server:

Vocabulary Server 01

Vocabulary Server 02


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